From the beginning our philosophy has been farm raised oysters raised from larvae at our nursery. We built our company based on local; defined as “the Chesapeake Bay” and every one person who makes a living off the Chesapeake Bay should be her steward. Our farm locations have been based on the tidal flow, mineral content and the absence of SAV and endangered wildlife. We understood the damage dredging has from silt bands to wrecking oyster natural oyster reefs so we are utilizing the cage on bottom growing method. Using this method relives pressure from the wild oyster population and focuses us on only taking out of the bay what we put into it. Our responsibility to the Chesapeake Bay does not stop there, it continues forward as we build and provide our methods and equipment to new and existing oysters farms in the region. As our model spreads across our region we truly can say we are making a difference one oyster at a time.

While our oysters are growing, they filter enormous quantities of Chesapeake Bay water by feeding on phytoplankton and thereby removing excess nutrients from the water. Oysters are Mother Nature’s filters which naturally decrease the turbidity of the water. By improving the clarity of the water, sunlight is able to reach deeper areas in the water column and allows sub aquatic vegetation to grow and can carry out photosynthesis. The SAV provide habitat for fish, crabs, and countless Chesapeake Bay organisms. But farming oysters is not enough.  Our business model was built around the Chesapeake Bay and her wildlife and we invite you to place sustainable oysters on the top of your dining and shopping list.

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