Step 1

Clean the oyster under cold running water. The oyster should be closed and have a heavy feel to it. Place the oyster on an oyster board or on a clean kitchen towel on top of a cutting board. Securely hold the oyster cup side down with the hinge side toward you. Slip the knife blade between the top and bottom shell right at the hinge.

Step 2

Insert the oyster knife through the hinge, angling the blade and wiggle it into the crease of the hinge giving slight pressure. When you feel the knife sink in, twist it as if you were turning a key until you feel the hinge separate. You should not have to put much force into it.

Step 3

Using a twisting motion, pry the top and bottom shells apart.
Be gentle but firm so you don't lose any of the liquor inside.
Pass the blade across the top of the shell and sever the adductor muscle and remove the top of the shell and toss into your ORP bucket.

Step 4

The oyster is still connected by the lower adductor muscle, so pass your blade underneath to sever it.Drink the liquor out of the shell.Settle the bottom of each shell into a bed of crushed ice and enjoy immediately.

Should Oysters Be Eaten Only In The Months With An "R"?

Oysters are highly perishable and can spoil quickly in the hot summer months if they are not properly refrigerated. The oysters from Hooper's Island Oyster Aquaculture Company may be eaten safely during any time of the year. Our standard is to be off the water and docked by 10 am during the summer months. Our harvest is quickly brought down to below 40 degrees in our post-harvest treatment system. We utilize our ice trucks from our bagged ice division to transport our live oysters to market.


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