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Raised in the Chesapeake Bay - where Atlantic seawater mixes with fresh water tributaries - our signature deep-cupped ‘Golds’ are prized by oyster lovers for their distinct merroir and golden hue. A fusion of salt and sweet found in every taste. Available in five varietals.  

Shucked Pints

Chesapeake Gold Oyster

Hand-shucked Chesapeake Gold Oysters are processed daily in our HACCP approved facility at Hoopers Island.

All of our oysters go through a stringent quality control checklist before being released to our processing department.

Our oysters are packed in natural juices before and sealed with our tamper proof lid and marked with a sell by date to ensure freshness


We welcome the opportunity to discuss which of our farm raised and wild oysters are best suited for your menu and customers’ tastes. Please call or email Chris Wyer with any questions or to place your order: 703-628-0017 or Chris@HoopersIsland.com 

Five OYSTER Varietals

Taste the Chesapeake on a Half Shell

Chesapeake Gold: Medium salinity followed by a firm texture finished with a progression of marine inspired flavors including a sweet, floral melon. Medium texture (P)

Chesapeake SmokesOur proprietary flavor infusion: A "smoked" oyster on the shell. Robust, flavorful and one-of-a-kind. Firm texture finishes with a burst of earthy fruity sensations. (L)

MermaidHigh salinity paired with a meaty texture transitions to the enhancement of the Chesapeake’s unique, melon-sweet merroir. (M)

PoseidonFull-bodied, extra-large oyster with robust salinity. Finishes with sweet mysterious undertones. (XL)

Whitewood CovePlump, wild-caught oysters with a deep cup and full body exudes the mid-Chesapeake’s sweet finish and flavor profile. Available October 1 to March 31.

Delivery schedule

Orders placed by 10 am Monday and Thursday will be delivered to Rehoboth area by 4 pm that day, and to Baltimore the next day, either Tuesday or Friday respectively.

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