Hoopers Announces Oyster Equipment Sale to Canadian Fishery


     Fishing Creek, MD -- Hoopers Island Oyster Company is proud to announce the first sale and delivery of five “Floating Upweller” units to the Lenox Island Development Corporation on Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada; they will be used by the Mi’Kmaq First Nation community to launch an oyster farming operation. Designed and manufactured for low maintenance and maximum efficiency, the “Flupsy” fiberglass units are used to set seed and grow oysters.

"This is our first big shipment of oyster equipment into Canada,” said Johnny Shockley, co-founder. “We’re extremely excited to be entering one of the biggest shellfish industries in the world."

     Manufactured in Fishing Creek Maryland, Hoopers Island’s equipment division makes all systems and components needed to start, expand or enhance oyster aquaculture farms. The Flupsy’s unique design incorporates a basket/silo combination that allows for easy access to seed and extends the oysters further down into the water column creating more water pressure, which provides higher water flow. Each unit includes a pump, eight silo/baskets, one trough, two floating dock floats and 8’x20’ deck.

     The Lennox Island Mi’Kmaq First Nation community owns and operates the Minigoo Fisheries and its subsidiary, Fisherman’s Pride. The company is a primary resource harvester and seafood seller based on the Lennox Island First Nation reserve.

     With dozens of oyster aquaculture companies -- as well as mussel and finfish growers -- PEI seafood is world-renowned and a top economic driver. More than 40,000 tons of shellfish – mostly oysters and mussels – are farmed in PEI annually. The industry generated $92 million in revenues in 2014 and employed 1,100 people in oyster farming according to the PEI Aquaculture Alliance.

     For information about the floating upweller system or about oyster farming the watermen’s way, visit or call 410-397-3664.


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