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Oyster Seed Sales

To place an order for oyster seed please email us at info@hioac.com, or call 410-397-3664 Seed is sold by the thousand, orders for seed require 60 days advance notice. Please call or email to inquire availability.

2017 Prices will be posted in mid-May


A 25% non-refundable deposit is required when the order is placed. The time it will take for orders to be ready will vary. Most order will be filled with in the 30 day turn-around. During April – Sept some orders could be filled immediately. Orders for delivery will have shipping costs added to the final invoice. All sales must be PAID IN FULL before product will be released. Payments can be made to HIOAC by money order or by credit card



In the event that you cancel your order, you will forfeit your deposit.

Cultchless Seed Prices

3 mm Triploid DR       $0 (1000)     $0 (10,000)    $0 (50,000)    $0 (100,000)

6 mm Triploid DR      $0 (1000)     $0 (10,000)     $0 (50,000)   $0 (100,000)

9 mm Triploid DR      $0 (1000)     $0 (10,000)     $0 (50,000)   $0 (100,000)

13 mm Triploid DR   $0 (1000)     $0 (10,000)     $0 (50,000)   $0 (100,000)

Triploid Disease Resistant are natural triploids produced under license from 4Cs Breeding Technologies, Inc.Oyster 




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