Hoopers Island Oyster is committed to providing the aquaculture industry with the latest in technology. Through a combination of research and experience, we have developed a line of equipment worthy of the large aquaculture farms around the world. We take pride in producing reliable and durable equipment that will help increase your farm's production and efficiency combining experience and research. All of our equipment has been tested in the fields and endures vigorous daily use, without fail. We utilize the newest aquaculture technology to produce equipment designed for low maintenance/high efficiency. We select premium materials for all of our components that are kept in stock for quick assembly and shipping. We have developed a pathway for new oyster operations to fast track into oyster farming, as well as updating existing operations into the latest technology in oyster farming equipment. Our equipment line was developed for high efficiency and low maintenance. We can help you choose the right equipment to maximize yield and reduce labor costs. We believe sharing our experience helps the industry and sets apart from other companies.





Oysters in the upweller grow at different rates, we use the Seed Shaker Sorter to cull the oyster seed.

We just sorted 500,000 6,8,12 mm seed in 1 hour and 45 mins. This process ensures that the faster growing oysters are removed from the oysters that grow more slowly. A shaker sorter is a fast and efficient way to sort the oysters into liked sized seed which allows us to rapidly class ahead fast growing oysters.


Specialty 24" no gap design double deck screener


Included Screens - 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3 mm 24 inch Diameter screen

Fast efficient double motion weights Easy to clean

.36 HP direct drive vibratory motor, 230/460 volt, 60-Hz, 3 phase X 1200 RPM

 3 Grade w/ 6 screens $14,000

 4 grade w/6 screens $14,900.




250k-50k per 20 Inch Silo     1mm-3mm Seed

Average Growth Rate .5-1mm a week


Our latest upgraded nursery tanks have been specially designed in house for low maintenance and high efficiency. This new design are built with a deeper slope bottom and a 4” drain to allow for quick and easy cleaning. The new design adds stands to the bottom of the tank and also includes 12 silos with your choice of micron screen. 125, 200, 350, 500 or custom size

 Our tanks allow for upwelling and downwelling, whichever is needed, and are equipped ready to use, except for exterior drain pipe.

Each unit includes:

(1) 10’6” x 5’2" tank

(12) diameter silos equipped with Interchangeable nylon screen and protective bottom guard

(1) 10’6” x 10” trough

Used as a downweller, our tanks are ideal for setting larvae on micro-cultch (crushed shell). They can be setup as a static or flow through system. They can be used as an upwelling system by pumping sea water directly into the tank and draining up through the silos.
For low volume operations (200,000-300,000 animals) this unit could be used to grow seed up to ½”. For larger operations we recommend using this unit to get seed 3/8” and then transferring to our FLUPSY.


Total Unit cost: $6,875 Add 3% for Credit Card Sales

See Up-Weller Video

100k - 10k per silo 4mm - 8mm Seed

Average Growth Rate .5-1mm a week 

Our floating upwellers have been specially designed in-house for low maintenance, high efficiency and are user friendly. Their unique design incorporates a basket/silo combination. This combination allows for easy access to your seed and extends the animals further down into the water column creating more water pressure, which provides higher water flow. The water flow from the individual silos is dumped into a centrally located trough, which is designed with a well where the pump mounts to eliminate cavitation.


Upwelling unit includes:

¾ hp Ice Eater Pump, 8 silo/basket combos, 1 trough, two 4’x 8’ x 1’ floating dock floats and one 8’x20’ deck

Pricing: Add 3% for Credit Card Sales


Complete unit $8,950.00 Open Deck

 $9950 Closed Deck

Individual Component Cost:

Basket w/ Handle w 3/16 SS Screen STANDARD or your choice 500, 2000 Micron screen $375.00 Each

Basket w/ Handle w/ 500 micron Screen 1000 Micron Lid $425.00 each


The tanks and all components are constructed on a fiberglass mold, using industrial grade fiberglass and polyester resin. All products are finished on both sides with polyester gel coat. Our tank upweller and floating upweller combo can handle 1-2 million seed per season. Production can be increased by adding additional floating upwellers.




  HIOAC is proudly Distributing HEXCYL SYSTEM BASKETS in the USA!

 Hexcyl Systems offer oyster farmers and shellfish farmers a wide range of shellfish aquaculture products designed for Adjustable Longline Shellfish Farming and other tidal growing systems.

Our Hexcyl Oyster Baskets offer unique features suitable for oyster farming, mussel farming, scallop farming and other types of marine mollusc farming.
Hexcyl Oyster baskets and products are designed for a wide range of grow out options and orientations in low, moderate and high energy environments.
International enquiries are welcome.   

Hexcyl HD 1521 Shellfish Basket

15mm (5/8"”) Mesh size
31 litres (8.3 gallons)

Suits Shellfish lengths 40mm(1-1/2”) to 150mm(6”)

Hexcyl Pro 0304 Shellfish Basket

3mm (1/8”) Mesh size
25 litres (6.6 gallons)

Suits Shellfish lengths 5mm (3/16") to 30mm(1-3/16")

Hexcyl Pro 0507 Shellfish Basket

5mm (3/16”) Mesh size
25 litres (6.6 gallons)

Suits Shellfish lengths 10mm(7/16") to 50mm(2")

Hexcyl Pro 1014 Shellfish Basket

10mm (7/16”) Mesh size
25 litres (6.6 gallons)

Suits Shellfish lengths 20mm(3/4") to 70mm(2-3/4")

Hexcyl Pro 1521 Shellfish Basket

15mm (5/8”) Mesh size
25 litres (6.6 gallons)

Suits Shellfish lengths 40mm(1-9/16”) to 150mm(6”)

Hexcyl Pro 2028 Shellfish Basket

20mm (3/4”) Mesh size
25 litres (6.6 gallons)

Suits Shellfish lengths 60mm(2-3/8") to 150mm(6")

Features of Hexcyl Shellfish Baskets

Dimensions - Assembled

• Our range of Oyster baskets cover all sizes required for shellfish growth

• 5 Basket sizes - 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20mm mesh sizes

• The patented Hexcyl pivot bank offers multiple attachment positions

• Attach in linear orientation along the line or..

• Attach across two lines approx 600 mm(24”) to 750 mm(30”) apart

• Access doors at both ends of the Oyster basket

• Positive locking ‘square axle” feature of the clp when attached to pivot bank

• Locks when located in the upright operating position

• Locks when folded down in the storage position for space efficiency

• Fold down clips for efficient transport of Oyster Baskets to and from Oyster farms

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Our double stacked 14 - 16 gauge vinyl coated wire mesh seed cages are available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch sizes and can be purchased fully constructed or as 

pre-cut kits (staples and clips not included).

Some important highlights are:
* Staples at every mesh point at the corners
* Staples at every mesh where stands are attached to body.
* End cap feature that makes stand taller as well as making the stand rigid.
* Bridles are included
** 25% more staples and clips used compared to our leading competitors
1019 c clips and 36 34T clips on our 1/2 x 1/2 Cage **

NETMINDER Dipped Cages Now available

5 Gallon Bucket $225 NETMINDER

Add $8 per cage See Information on Netminder See Technical Specs on Netminder

NETMINDER is a photoactive release coating that protects cages from UV degradation and minimizes biofouling

1 Inch Cage -     3'x4' 14 G Double Stack Assembled Seed Cage $137

3/4 Inch Cage -  3'x4' 14 G Double Stack Assembled Seed Cage $145

1/2 Inch Cage -  3'x4' 16 G Double Stack Assembled Seed Cage $154

Bulk Pricing available 

Kit Price 1/2 inch 3'x4' (unassembled): $98- No Bridles, No Bungees
Kit Price 1 inch 3'x4' (unassembled): $87- No Bridles, No Bungees

Bulk Pricing available 

See Wire Cage Video




We can design and custom fabricate oyster equipment to fit your applications and needs. Add 3% for Credit Card Sales

Three (3) piece package: Up feed conveyor, tumbler and discharge conveyor (up feed conveyor, tumbler with 2 tubes only & discharge conveyor)  


Two (2) piece package: Up feed conveyor & tumbler (up feed conveyor & tumbler with 2 tubes and discharge rack)  


Two (2) piece package: Tumbler and discharge conveyor (tumbler with 2 tubes and hand feed tray & discharge conveyor)


Stand-alone tumbler with two (2) tubes plus hand feed tray and discharge rack  


Additional tubes

Market Size: 1-1/4" and 1-3/4" and Seed Size:  5/8" and 7/8"

$2,395 Each

Up feed conveyor:   $9,900

Discharge conveyor: $4,650 

Tumbler with 2 tubes only


New Wash Tube (See Video)


Our custom design tumblers and conveyors are built to eliminate the manpower that is typically needed for oyster farming. Tumblers are built of aluminum square tube and can be set up hydraulically or electrically. Conveyors can also be added to feed shellfish to the tumbler and to help with the sorting after the clean shellfish exit the tumbler. Equipment is custom built to fit our customer’s applications  


See Tumbler Video


New Oyster Grading Machine Calculates Precise Size for Perfect Sorting Fishing Creek, MD – Hoopers Island Oyster Aquaculture Company has partnered with the University of Maryland to create the Pearlception Oyster Grading Machine which detects the exact size of Oysters and sorts them accordingly. There is no other machine that has the capabilities of the Pearlception Using 3-D laser image scanning, the Pearlception identifies the precise volumetric size of the Oyster, and packs them into a predesignated box according to their grade. The Pearlception has the ability to pack seven boxes at the same time with up to seven different grades determined by the machine operator


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Oyster Tools and accessories

24" long SS hook $42

Aluminum seed scoops $44

Stainless steel cage scrape 10" $34

24" Scrape $42

36" Scrape $50

48" Scrape $58

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Oyster Chipper
  • 1/2 HP single phase S.S. wash-down motor

  • Toggle on / off switch wash-down duty with boot

  • S.S. Hub with 2 Indexable carbide inserts ( 8 edges per insert )

  • Aluminum Frame with anti-vibration feet

  • Removable S.S. guard with S.S. Quick release clip

  • Replaceable 1/4 S.S. bed

Chips the bill off the oyster for increased speed & efficiency when shucking


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